In the end, you will always kneel.
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{Its only ever been snark and sarcasm and anger and pain and hatred. He’s never really felt…love. A connection deeper than must I deal with you again's or great here comes the asshole. Ugh my baby feeling vulnerable and unloved. Rare moments indeed. But its always his fault. I’m sure someone would love him if he’d STOP BEING A PRICK IN THE ARSE. Ahem.}

"Have I not just pledged you my eternity? I have already known what it is to lose you, Loki. I would not wish that, ever again. I do not share your view that your darkness, nor my light, are absolute. None the less, you are my other half," he leaned his forehead against Loki’s, stormy blue gazing across the space that parted to their spirits, into shards of brilliant green. Their noses touched, and when they breathed, it was each other’s breath.

"You have this night. Any night. Once I was the tempest only your cleverness could rule. Now you are the chaos. Let me be your center, the calm eye of the storm. You needn’t ask. I am willing, always," he closed that space of breath between them, mouth covering those thin, worried lips.

Come the day the trickster might elude him again, too mercurial to remain still long. Thor would not give up. He might become exasperated, his patience stretch thin, but it would not break. It had been Loki himself that tempered Thor from brittle iron to tensile steel. Of all he deserved the benefit of that reforged will. “I love you, Loki, always.”

Even now, after Loki’s greatest deceit, and with the knowledge that it would not be his last and certainly not the worst, Thor would stand by him. Forever. Of his own volition. Oh his sentimentality! It would end them both for satisfaction was not in his nature, as surrender was not in Thor’s. That much he had committed to memory since he was but a child vying for his attention. Loki would take, and Thor would give, until neither of them were content with their standing in each other’s eyes. Until the hatred had festered not only within the jotunn-born, but in the golden son as well.

But perhaps it is because of Thor’s unwavering loyalty that Loki was pacified for the time being, skeletal fingers trembling as they reached skyward into sun-blessed tresses. Timidly, unsure as much of his own actions as Thor might very well be, the false king guided the thunderer towards his lips and, just short of their union, he lingered. Taking in the heat of those wisps of air expelled from substantial lungs and in turn offering his own icy exhalation to chill his brother to his very bones.

Every atom of his being cried out for those sparse few centimeters to be filled with Thor’s radiance yet… what happens to the snow when the sun grows bold and shines the brightest? No amount of shade would serve to save the crystals from the coming of summer, recede as it might. At best, it would prolong its short existence but in time, it too would come to pass.

Yet all things fade away in time, nothing is ever eternal, and with this thinking Loki… Just as winter overtakes its nemesis, the sun, and celebrates its victory in a blanket of white, so too does Loki overtake Thor and bask in the fire scorching him from the inside out. A pleasant pain if ever he named one. One that he longed for more than revenge, for surely in the face of such offered intimacy, revenge was a little thing. Inconsequential enough to lose for a fleeting minute, or perhaps hours.

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"I have arrived."

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thor week day one:
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We will be monsters, alone in the world, but we will have each other.
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"Taken down by a little electricity, eh Thor?"

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{If Thor and Loki and the Warriors Three (plus Sif) live and battle for Asgard on other realms, why would Heimdall need to explain the bifrost to them? Shouldn’t they know all about it seeing as how they travel to other realms and defend them?

Or is it because the fighting they participated takes place in their own realm?

Mun is confused.}

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Suffer The Lies of A Silver Tongue
I once was lost in the shadow of a golden son but no more. There is a new era dawning. The era of Loki.